The Business case for Transparancy

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What other transparency strategies did you think of?
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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent

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1. Don’t Fake It — Talk About What You Know

It’s just as important to be viewed as a person with a lot of talented resources as it is to be viewed as an expert.

2. Have an Opinion, But Stay Open to Other Views

3. Be Truthful

When Facebook revised their user terms of service, for example, the company did a poor job of communicating the changes to users. As a result, Facebook was forced to go on the defensive when users instinctively mistrusted certain changes that affected their user rights.

4. Be Timely and Responsive

5. Think Community

More and more, companies are incorporating transparency into their marketing efforts. Why? The reason, according to Debbie Weil, a corporate social media consultant and author of The Corporate Blogging Book, is because customers and stakeholders increasingly expect it. “It (transparency) is the new operating standard,”
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